Freelander TD4 Hose Kit 3 Hose Turbo Hose Kit

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Our hoses are made from premium silicone compound which we mix with the colour pigments in-house, we also calendar all our own materials which means we have complete control of the process from start to finish. Our fabric is sourced in the UK to ensure consistent quality and we use 3-5 plies of this in every hose depending on the bore size. This gives our hoses a burst pressure of up to 26 bar depending on the bore size and number of plies.

We have a strict final inspection process to check every hose we make and a large range of test equipment. We can carry out burst testing, heat ageing, vibration and pressure cycle testing. Pioneer has developed a coolant hose with a specific liner suitable for OAT coolants where other manufacturers just use a fluoro-silicone liner which is suitable for fuel/oil